The Use of Victim Impact Statements in Sentencing for Sexual Offences: Stories of Strength

Drawing on extensive research from Australia, this book examines the experiences of sexual offence victims who submit a victim impact statement.

16 December 2020

The passions of the broken-hearted: Patrick White and spousal homicide

Patrick White's Happy Valley centres on a spousal homicide which, for the young author, stood in for the desperate and doomed search for happiness in small town life. His novel provides insight into an unhappy marriage that ended in murder in real-...

15 December 2020

The Gendered Body During Covid-19

This special issue will consider the impact of Covid-19 on gendered bodily practices.

15 December 2020

Dialogue: New Critical Actors: Gender-Focused Parliamentary Bodies

Around the world, specialised parliamentary bodies have been created to promote the substantive representation of women. Too often they are overlooked, because they don’t fit easily into existing frameworks for comparing women’s policy agencies.

27 November 2020

The Green Revolution: Narratives of Politics, Technology and Gender

Interlinking themes of development policy, gender, and agricultural research, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of agricultural development, food security, and sustainable development, as well as policymakers and...

24 November 2020

It’s a man’s world at the top: gendered media representations of Julia Gillard and Helen Clark

This article compares how the print media portrayed Gillard and Clark in the first three weeks of their respective prime ministerial terms to understand why, despite both being leaders from centre-left Labor/Labour parties, there was such a...

24 November 2020

Gender, politics and development in the Pacific

This special section draws together papers that explore the nexus between gender, politics and development in the small states of the Pacific.

17 November 2020

Who Cares? The Conundrum for Gender Equality in Legal Practice

Although women comprise the majority of practitioners in legal practice in Australia, the question of who cares remains an enduring challenge for gender equality. Against the backdrop of social and policy changes resulting from the feminisation of...

17 November 2020

Emergency, Women’s, Children’s and Health Organisations join in an unprecedented call for support for infants and young children in emergencies

Emergency, Women’s, Children’s and Health Organisations join in an unprecedented call for support for infants and young children in emergencies

11 November 2020

Enacting alcohol realities: gendering practices in Australian studies on ‘alcohol‐related presentations’ to emergency departments

‘Alcohol‐fuelled violence’ and its prevention has been the subject of recent intense policy debate in Australia, with the content of this debate informed by a surprisingly narrow range of research resources.

5 November 2020


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