Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Australian Feminist Law Journal

Special Issue 'Law, the Body and Embodiment: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives'

Deadline: 12 April 2019 

This special issue wishes to foreground the body and embodiment in relation to the law, from both contemporary and historical perspectives. In so doing, this CFP invites contributions that consider the following, but not exclusively: what is the relationship between law and the body, and law and embodiment? How does the law preclude, encourage, marginalize, or stratify particular kinds of embodiment, if at all – and how are particular kinds of embodiment gendered, sexed, classed and/or racialized? What role does culture play in relation to law and the body, and vice-versa? What are the embodied consequences of particular legal decisions, and vice-versa, how might modes of embodied resistance lead to legal change? What are the multiple and varied relationships between the body and the law, and their mutually constitutive, interdependent relationship? How autonomous can we truly be in relation to our bodies, before the law steps in? What effects can the law directly or indirectly cause on the body, and what are the embodied consequences of such decisions/omissions? What theoretical or methodological perspectives can enhance or enrich our understanding of the relationship between law and the body, and law and embodiment?

We seek scholarly interdisciplinary research from any discipline with a focus upon one of

these or a related question. As a critical legal journal we publish research informed by critical theory, cultural and literary theory, jurisprudential, postcolonial and psychoanalytic approaches, amongst other critical research practices. Articles are limited to 8000 words.

Authors should send an abstract and their manuscript to AFLJ Managing Editor Laura Griffin at and Editor in Chief Judith Grbich at Manuscripts are due by 12 April 2019. Earlier submissions are welcomed.

Refereeing of Articles

The Australian Feminist Law Journal referees all manuscripts submitted for publication and follows the double--‐‐blind refereeing procedure. Referees will be selected with expertise in the author’s area of scholarship. Authors are requested to place their name and affiliation on a separate page, and eliminate any self-identifying citation of one’s own work. This can be done by leaving such citations or reference material blank or otherwise referring to the work in a way that disguises the name of the author. Thejournal will not accept manuscripts for consideration that are already under consideration by another journal.

The Australian Feminist Law Journal is published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis UK. Please direct general academic journal enquiries to the Editor in Chief: or the Managing Editors at

The journal style should be followed as closely as possible, to eliminate delays at the time of printing where an incorrect style would necessitate changes. An electronic version of the journal style guide can be viewed on the AFLJ website ( journalCode=rfem20&page=instructions) or downloaded as a PDF ( For subscription enquiries, email


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