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Coronavirus and the Colonisation of Private Life

With particular regard to the gender ramifications of working at home, this article analyses the responses to an on-line survey conducted in Australia when lockdown was a key prong of the government response to COVID-19 in 2020.

Girls’ and boys’ performance in competitions: What we can learn from a Korean quiz show

Comparing the performance of high-ability adolescent girls and boys who participated in a long-running Korean television quiz show

Challenging sexism in elite boys’ schools

Rather than simply advocating sex education courses for boys as the way forward, far-reaching social change could be effected if tied to state funding.

Critical reflection as feminist pedagogy: teaching feminist research in the field

This article argues that a hallmark of feminist pedagogy must be critical reflection both on the structural conditions in which research is designed and implemented and on personal teaching practices.

The First and Last(?) Feminist Law Professors in Australia

Based on interviews with 14 women law professors, this chapter analyses their experiences in challenging prevailing malestream norms

Do women like to farm? Evidence of growing burdens of farming on women in rural India

This paper investigates whether the concentration of women’s labour contributions to agriculture has improved their autonomy in decision-making

The Province of all Humankind: A Feminist Analysis of Space Law

This chapter argues that greater diversity is needed in the space sector, and this will only be achieved when women feel they are truly part of the structures and institutions that govern space.

Work-from-home during COVID-19: Accounting for the care economy to build back better

This article points to the need for rethinking public investment and infrastructure priorities for economic recovery and reconstruction in the light of a gender perspective on COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ experience.

Imperial Conquest, Violent Encounters, and Changing Gender Relations in Colonial Warfare, 1830s–1910s

This chapter assesses the intersections of gender and militarised violence on frontiers and in the daily life of colonial societies.


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