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Reproduction and family planning in Australia: symposium

Presenter: Schools of Sociology and Demography, RSSS, CASS
Event date: 
9.30am–2.30pm 21 November 2017
Venue: Hedley Bull, Seminar Room 3
This full day symposium asks timely questions about reproduction and family formation in Australia. New medical reproductive technologies, the transnational flow of reproductive tissues, and cross-border reproductive travel are often researched as distinct issues.
The aim of this symposium is to raise questions about how aspects of reproduction might be interrogated in transdisciplinary fashion. How can understanding of reproduction and family formation be enriched and informed by teams working across ANU Colleges? 
The symposium will provide an opportunity for ANU researchers to present the ‘pressing issues’ and ‘big problems’ in their own disciplinary field around the common question of reproduction and family formation in Australia in a format that encourages cross-fertilisation of the disciplines in order to encourage innovation, networking and the tackling of reproduction and family formation issues. 
1. Julie SmithEconomics and markets of donor human milk in Australia
2. Kirsty McLeod and Heidi Yates – Recognising ‘Family’ – the Law and More
3. Edith Gray, Ann Evans & Rebecca KippenHigh and growing disapproval for sex selection in Australia
4. Clare McFadden and Marc Oxenham - Measuring Fertility in Past Populations: A Palaeodemographic Approach
5. Tereza Hendl – Are stem cells a pathway to treating infertility?
6. James Raymer and Qing Guan – Projecting future demand for infertility treatments for women in Australia
7. Joan Garvan – A humanities perspective on maternal health: moving from the maternal role to the mother-infant relationship
8. Anna OlsenWho is a good mother? How and why are women who used drugs punished when they become mothers
9. Iwu Utomo - Survey in Indonesia looking at Youth Transitions
10. Katherine CarrollMary Lou RasmussenEdith Gray & Ann Evans – Fertility and Family Formation Intentions Among Young Male Tradies 
Dr Katherine Carroll and Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen, (School of Sociology); Associate Professor Edith Gray and Associate Professor Ann Evans (School of Demography) 
Email Louise Sims to register for this symposium.
Lunch will be provided.
Funded by ANU Gender Institute; Schools of Sociology and Demography, CASS

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