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The Australian National University

Courses and degree programs

Gender-related courses at the ANU are offered at undergraduate, honours and postgraduate level. 

*Please note the Gender Institute does not run any courses but provides this information to assist interested students, for more information about these courses please contact the course convenor or the relevant school*

Gender, Sexuality and Culture is a major in the Bachelor of Arts and this specialisation can be undertaken at honours level. The major is also available in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours).

Additionally, the following undergraduate degrees include gender-focused courses:

Bachelor of Pacific Studies

Bachelor of Criminology

Bachelor of Asian Studies

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies

Undergraduate courses that take gender as a focus or include gender in their analysis are offered by:

Anthropology: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective | Crossing Borders: Diasporas and Transnationalism | Culture and PersonBelonging, Identity and Nationalism

Archaeology: Thinking through the past: archaeological theory from 1950

Art Theory: Gender and Visual Culture

Asian Studies: Gender and Korean History | Gender and Cultural Studies in Asia and the Pacific | Gender, Labour and Capitalism in East Asia | North Korea: History, Culture, Politics

English: Jane Austen: History and Fiction

History: Real Men: Masculinities in Western History | Electric Citizens: The Rise of the Modern Media in the United States, 1865-2000 | Colonialism, Sex, Race and Gender: Historical Episodes | Women and Men in Australian HistorySexuality in Australian History

Italian: Women in Italian Society

Law: Feminist and Critical Legal Theory

Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies: Gender and Culture in Iran and the Middle East

Political Science: Gendered Politics of War | Globalism and the Politics of Identity | Global Social Movements | Gender, Globalisation and Development

Philosophy: Love, Death and Freedom | Democracy, Difference and Desire | Sex and Death: the Philosophy of Biology | Global Citizens

Sociology: Excessive Appetites: Sociocultural Perspectives on Addiction, Drug Use and Gender | Relationships, Marriage and the Family 


Graduate Coursework Degrees

Gender and Development specialisation is offered in the Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development.

Health and Gender specialisation is offered in Master of Culture, Health and Medicine.

Additionally the following postgraduate programs include gender-focused courses:

Master of Social Research

Graduate Diploma in International Affairs

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Development

Master of International Affairs

Master of Anthropology

Master of Asia-Pacific Studies

Master of International Relations

Master of Environment

Master of Public Policy

Master of Diplomacy

Master of Globalisation

The following postgraduate courses are available offered by Gender Studies:

Gender in the Humanities: Reading Jane Eyre | Trauma, Memory and Culture | Technoculture and the Body

Postgraduate courses that take gender as a focus or include gender in their analysis are also offered by:

Anthropology: Gender and Cross-Cultural Perspective | Critical Issues in Gender and Development | Exploring Gender and Development | Exploring Gender, Resources and the Environment | Gender, Nature and Development

Asian Studies: Gender in Korean History | Gender, Labour and Capitalism in East Asia

Demography: Gender and Population

English: Victorian Literature

History: Sexuality in Australian History | Real Men: Manhood and Identity in the Western World

International Relations: Gender, War and Justice in South and Southeast Asia


Graduate Research

Gender, Sexuality and Culture is a postgraduate research field at the ANU and those interested in undertaking an MPhil or PhD in this area should contact the research field convenor. If you are looking to combine gender with another disciplinary field, check our People page to find potential supervisors working in your area.

The Research Student Development Centre (RSDC) offers a personal development program aimed at women doctoral students called Resilience of Women Research Students (RoWRS). It helps focus the attention of women research students on their strengths and opportunities in the world of academia. RoWRS is aimed at women research students who are in their second or early third year (or equivalent) of candidature, although students in late first year may also apply. 

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