Gender and Global Threats

New Gender Institute Funding for Research on Gender and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these daunting times for Australia and the world, the ANU Gender Institute is launching a new funding program for 2020 to sponsor research projects that examine...

19 May 2020

The importance of understanding the victims’ ‘reality’ of domestic violence

This article argues that unconscious assumptions may filter out the diverse ‘realities’ of domestic violence victims

14 May 2020

A Tale of Two Women: A Comparative Gendered Media Analysis of UK Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May

This article compares how the print media portrayed Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May in the first three weeks of their respective prime ministerial terms

14 May 2020

Children and the Responsibility to Protect

This book examines the intersections of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle and the theory and practice of child protection

12 May 2020

YWCA COVID-19 Relief Funding

YWCA Canberra has funding available to support community members experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

12 May 2020

Women, Water and 'Wicked Problems': Community Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change in Northern Pakkoku, Myanmar

This chapter explores the interactions between measures to enhance community resilience to climate change and the enduring interplay with the 'wicked problems' which have long conditioned the villagers' livelihood outcomes

7 May 2020

From Porn Performer to Porntropreneur: Online Entrepreneurship, Social Media Branding, and Selfhood in Contemporary Trans Pornography

This article reflects on how transgender pornography performers navigate various economic, technological, and social changes confronting the industry

7 May 2020

Money matters…but so do people: Children's views and experiences of living in a ‘disadvantaged’ community

In recent years there has been increased interest among scholars and policy makers in the ways in which communities support or fail children.

30 April 2020

Dog Fighting: Performing Masculinity in Rural South Punjab, Pakistan

This article explicates dog fighting and discusses its symbolic significance to those who control the game, organize it, and participate in the performance.

30 April 2020

Muslim Women in Contemporary Indonesia: Online Conflicting Narratives behind the Women Ulama Congress

Recently, Indonesian Muslim women successfully convened the world’s first congress of women Muslim scholars (KUPI). This is only one segment of the story of Indonesian Muslim women. There are many narratives regarding Indonesian Muslim women and...
29 April 2020


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