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Women and Sustainability - call for papers

Background: At the beginning of 2012, the United Nations Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability prepared the report: Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future worth Choosing

The 22 world leaders that prepared the report, debated during Rio+20, argued that women are fundamental for sustainable development. They alerted that in order to give proper value to their role, gender equality and women¹s empowerment must assume are more significant dimension in the economic sphere.

The Panel affirmed; "Persistent gender inequality in particular has to be addressed as part of any serious shift towards sustainable development". (Source).

Other than the recommendations made by agencies such as the UN, the reality is far from ideal. In our world today, women of all ages face great socioeconomic and cultural challenges.

Sustainability in Debate (Sustentabilidade em Debate, SeD) dedicates its 10th edition to exploring the theme 'Women in Sustainability', based on the premise that women are key and irreplaceable stakeholders for promoting sustainable development both on a global and local level.

Main Themes

SeD seeks to include works representing distinct schools of thought, to nurture an open, serious and fruitful dialogue, without falling into clichés that frequently block constructive debate on the subject.

Submissions are invited in the ample group of themes related to sustainable development, which include (but are not limited to the ones listed below):

  1. How can it be possible to reduce barriers for women to have access to productive resources, such as land, property, credit and financial services?
  2. How can equal rights and opportunities for women be incorporated within the decision-making process, especially in the areas related to social, economic and environmental sustainability?
  3. Ideas to support the formation of more women leaders in all of the sectors, including political and economic, within the perspective of sustainability.
  4. Initiatives for women¹s empowerment and to incent gender equality in the workplace.
  5. How to promote respect for female sexual and reproductive rights, recognizing their dignity, free will and values.
  6. How to increase access to educational opportunities for women, especial those focused on sustainable development?

Deadline and Submission Process

Complete, original and unpublished scientific articles (in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French) and essays on the theme of Women and Sustainability should be sent by May 30, 2014.

The papers should be between 30 thousand to 50 thousand characters (including spaces) and submitted through the online system of the journalIf the work has the potential for publication, it will undergo double blind peer review by specialists indicated by SED editorial board, the results of which will be made available through the online system. More information on the submission process can be found here .

Expected publication date: August, 2014