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The Australian National University

Winter course - Oceanic Encounters: Gender and Sexuality in the Pacific

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific will be offering this winter intensive course, convened by Professor Margaret Jolly at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Course description

"We will revisit debates about universalism and relativism, nature and culture, personhood and identity, in understanding the differences between women, men, and transgendered persons. Combining anthropology and history, we will witness transformations of gender and sexuality in the Pacific through the successive encounters of exploratory voyages, Christian missions, labour trade and plantation development, World War II and militarism, mobility and the diaspora. Key thematic areas include women’s influence and participation in church and state; changing masculinities; gendered economies, kinship and land; transnational and regional feminisms and human rights; gender violence; gender, sexuality, health and HIV; and gender and sexual identities."

Course flyer attached.