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Respect Now campaign calls on ACT government to fund primary prevention of violence against women

This International Women’s Day, YWCA Canberra is launching a campaign calling on the ACT Government to make preventing violence against women a priority. The campaign, Respect NOW, raises awareness about the importance of primary prevention and seeks $200,000 of funding per year from the ACT Government, to deliver the award- winning program, Respect, Communicate, Choose (RCC) in all public primary schools in the ACT.

Respect NOW engages primary school age children to make paper cranes as a symbol of peace and hope, to raise community awareness of the need for RCC to be funded. A petition will be presented to Yvette Berry, Minister for Women and Joy Burch, Minister for Education at the end of the campaign. Respect NOW was launched officially on Sunday 8 March, International Women’s Day, on YWCA Canberra’s website with a special video message from Lauren Jackson and Frances Crimmins.

Visit their website for more information. Full media release is available below.