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The Australian National University

Perfect pitch 2016: registration now open continues its collaboration with Speech Pathology Tasmania to deliver Perfect Pitch this Australian Spring – in Melbourne on 24 October, and in Hobart on 28-29 November. 

Perfect Pitch is an intensive professional development initiative that helps participants transform their effective communication when speaking to groups. It breaks down anxiety, builds confidence and enhances poise.

Perfect Pitch is open to women from any background or sector – who are motivated to improve their professional impact through better-spoken presentation.

Perfect Pitch is now endorsed by: 

  • The Hon Julie Bishop MP – Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia
  • Natasha Stott Despoja AM – Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls and Chair of Our Watch
  • Carol Schwartz AM – Director of Stockland, Founding Chairman of Women’s Leadership Institute Australia, Chairman of Our Community
  • George Megalogenis – journalist and analyst, author of Australia’s Second Chance
  • Michael Cooney – Executive Director, Chifley Research Centre, the official think tank of the Australian Labor Party
  • Saul Eslake – former Chief Economist of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Australia and of the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group

Gender equity remains a first-order challenge for Australia.  George Megalogenis – recognised as Australia's 'best explainer' – says this: 'Australia has an enviable record of political and economic reform. But we continue to fall behind our peers on the most basic measures of equality — the rights of women. Our grand egalitarian project will remain incomplete while the better-educated half of our population are denied a fair share [of] leadership positions.'

A confident and authentic voice is a key practical step towards achieving fair outcomes at work and beyond.

Workshop guests include a diverse range of leaders in governance and public administration, law, business, broadcasting, culture, education and more.

The 2016 Australian Spring season of Perfect Pitch is delivered with the support of La Trobe University, Avalon Retreats and the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia.

Register now for Perfect Pitch:

  •  Hobart at Avalon City Retreat – 3 pm on Monday 28 November to 11 am on Tuesday 29 November (includes dinner and closing reception, excludes accommodation) 

Places are limited to 15 participants per one-day workshop.