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Out of sight, NOT out of mind: researchers against Pacific 'black sites'

A new website has been launched to draw attention to intolerable levelss of violence in Australia's offshore detention camps.

From the website initiators:

Researchers Against Pacific Offshore Black Sites are committed to exposing the violence, tantamount to torture, that is being exercised on Australia’s asylum seekers and refugees who are detained there. These black sites, as locations that evade public scrutiny and accountability, enable violence against asylum seekers and refugees to be exercised with impunity. Our offshore detention black sites are constituted by neocolonial relations of power that are exploitative of the Pacific states in which they are located, as well as of the people who have sought protection from the  Australian government. 

Our duties of protection cannot be outsourced.

Avoiding accountability for sexual violence


The recent brutal rape of a young Iranian refugee (read the story here), and the fact she was only airlifted out of Nauru three months after her rape and only when she was on the verge of organ failure, has provoked direct action form the group who have secured the endorsement of Rosie Battie, Australian of the Year, for a letter calling for an end to the violence in these offshore sites and their closure which will be sent to the Prime MInister. A call for signees to the letter is current. The letter can be viewed on their website at
An article at The Conversation about some of the issues driving the inititative: Offshore detention ‘black sites’ open door to torture





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Date posted

Tuesday, 22 September 2015