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The Australian National University

New book launched by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins has launched the ANU Gender Institute's latest publication The Public law of Gender: From the Local to the Global, affirming the links between research and public policy.

"Congratulations to the contributors and to the Gender Institute for bringing together both the research and the authors so that we can have access to such an important body of work," Ms Jenkins said.

Professor Kim Rubenstein, co-series editor of the six part series and co-editor of this final volume with Dr Katharine Young, said the book was further testimony to the important and vital place of research in the development of public policy around gender issues in Australia, and the world.

The book gathers leading lawyers, political scientists, historians and philosophers to examine law's structuring of politics, governing and gender in a new global frame.

The series of books were organised by the Centre for International and Public law at ANU and published through Cambridge University Press, Connecting International Law with Public Law.

The first five volumes look at Sanctions, Health, Environment, Movement of People and Security.This final volume evolved from a jointly run ANU Gender Institute and Centre for International and Public law workshop.  

Ms Jenkins congratulated the Gender Institute and the book for looking and learning from different places, both different geographies and different disciplines and highlighting the different experiences of different people.

"Recognising that race, class, age, disability, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation all has a role to play in terms of how people experience discrimination," she said.  

The book launch coincided with the ANU Gender Institute's annual research prizes.

ANU Professor Kim Rubenstein and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins. Image: Stuart Hay, ANU.