HKAUW 60th anniversary conference

Background to HKAUW
The Hong Kong Association of University Women was born in 1957. Its birth was a result of conversations among women graduates of universities who wanted to have an arena where they could meet, share companionship and activities of mutual interest. The arrival of Beryl Wright at The University of Hong Kong brought international connections, so, almost from the outset, HKAUW has been a part of the Graduate Women International. In time, HKAUW started to provide scholarships and fellowships for women to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad, and eventually in Hong Kong, as institutions of higher learning and research developed locally. Today, granting scholarships to women for undergraduate and postgraduate studies is our most significant annual activity. We are also involved in joint ventures in community service with other like-minded NGOs.
Conference Information
In 2017, HKAUW turns 60 and we are very excited to be hosting a Conference in celebration of this special occasion. The one-day Conference will stimulate discussions on current global issues that empower women to embrace the world. The discussion will include but not be limited to sustainable strategies of making progress through Education, Management, Law, Information Technology, Positive Psychology, and Gender Equality.
This timely conference is a clarion call for graduate women to develop tools that empower them and their fellow sisters to embrace and impact sustainably on the ever-changing world they live in. Achieving this objective involves the deliberation on the 6Es of Education, Equality, Engagement, Ethics, Emulation, and Embracement.
Call for Papers
We are seeking papers which explore the Conference theme Empowering Women, Embracing the World in relation to one or more of the 6Es of Education, Equality, Engagement, Ethics, Emulation, and Embracement. The presentations will be delivered in four panel sessions. These are:
1) The power of education: How education changes women's lives and livelihoods
2) Change-makers: The impact of graduate women's contributions around the world
3) Balance or Sacrifice? The way in which women juggle (and struggle) with responsibilities in their pursuit of education and career pathways
4) Where to next? Future directions for graduate women and education
Abstracts should be written with one of these panels in mind and this should be made explicit in the application.
Guidelines for Applicants
Abstracts are due by 20 October. All abstracts must be submitted via Secretariat. Late applications will not be accepted. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words in length. Authors please follow the below format provided for abstract submission. Applications from members of affiliates of Graduate Women International (GWI) are especially encouraged.
Important Dates
20 October        Abstracts Submission Deadline
5 November      Notification of Acceptance


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