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The Australian National University

Gender, science and wonder postgraduate workshop explores gender inequality in STEM

Gender, Science and Wonder, a postgraduate workshop sponsored by the ANU Gender Institute, was held at ANU from 11-12 February 2016. It was an interdisciplinary conversation of postgraduate students, early- to mid-career researchers, and established and renowned scholars from across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Day 1 was launched, fortuitously, on the first UN International Day for Women in Science, 11th February. Over two days, the workshop delved into diverse perspectives on gender and science: institutional experiences of gender inequalities in science and technology fields; the marginalisation of certain forms of knowledge; the sciences that understand and remake gender; and the gendered traces and threads that shape scientific knowledge-making. The theme of wonder invited novel approaches on the nexus of gender and science, moving beyond demographic analyses of STEM workforces and traditional feminist critiques of science and into questioning how we can adopt a gender lens to develop innovative points of articulation between sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Approximately sixty people attended sessions over the two days, exceeding our expectations as organisers. Many attended one or two sessions, focusing on areas of interest across the diverse topics on offer. A core of approximately 20 stayed for much of the two days, and engaged in a rich conversation that bridged the themes of the workshop. You can read the full event report (with images) below.