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The Australian National University

Call for papers: Worlding personhood in Oceania: movements, intersections and emplacements

Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies (AAPS) are currently welcoming abstracts for their panel at the Australian Anthropological Society Conference, 6-8 November 2013, Australian National University, Canberra.
The deadline for abstracts is 1 August.

Worlding personhood in Oceania: movements, intersections and emplacements 

Panel Conveners: Rachel Morgain, Anna-Karina Hermkens, Kathy Lepani, Margaret Jolly

This panel explores the engendering of personhood in Oceania through movements, intersections and emplacements; how sociality traverses distances and spans imaginaries; and how places are made at the intersections of social worlds. Taking inspiration from an emerging literature on ‘worlding’ the Pacific, we examine how sociality is formed and reformed in complexes of economic, social, environmental and cultural relations, and how movements of people, objects and ideas influence patterns and practices of personhood across different contexts. Issues of gender, religion, land and exchange, so central to questions of personhood, are considered through this fluid lens.

Acknowledging the significance of European colonialism and post-colonial capitalism in shaping Pacific sociality, we also seek to go beyond the binaries of European-Pacific, recognising long histories of intra-Pacific and Asian-Pacific relations in particular. These dynamics are also being reformed, with new configurations emerging in a context of shifting global relations and environmental challenges. Defining Oceania broadly, we explore intersections and engagements across regions often divided as Micronesia, island South East and East Asia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

Questions explored include:

  • Personhood, gender, religion, and commodities in crossing worlds of Oceania
  • The inscription and expression of personhood through and across borders, rigid or porous
  • How sociality is shaped through grassroots interactions, arts and cultural engagements, environmental flows, economic exchanges, political relations and movements of people and objects
  • The coming together of multiple intersections of people, land, plants, animals and objects in the making of social worlds
  • Contacts: Rachel Morgain Anna-Karina Hermkens Kathy Lepani

    The deadline for abstracts is 1 August.