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The Australian National University

ACT MACW survey

GI member, Beth Beckmann has been an appointed member of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Committee for Women (MACW), since 2014, having been supported in her nomination by the ANU Gender Institute.  

ACT Ministerial Advisory Committee for Women (MACW) is trying to collect some very basic information from women from as many walks of life as possible to guide their advice to the ACT Minister for Women, and hence the ACT Government, on the new Women's Plan (which will determine how the government will choose to spend money specifically on women's needs). 

Beth would be very grateful if you could take just a few minutes from your busy day to give the Committee your thoughts on just three questions:

  1. Did you know there has been a Women's Plan in the ACT for the past 5 years?
  2. What are the three key issues you see for women in the ACT?
  3. What are the 3 key areas/activities you would like the ACT Government to consider funding to benefit women in the ACT in the next five years?

The survey is available online and closes 12th February 2016.

Please do pass this on to as many women as you know who live in the ACT - the more diverse the views the better!